Summer is the time when you’re always on the go. In my fondest childhood memories, I spent my summers barefoot, constantly wet from the pool and swimming in the ocean and catching frogs in the local pond. But when it got rainy out or we needed a break, coming inside to work on a craft or write a little love note to a friend or invitation to tea became a welcome pause on a hot and busy day. Enter coloring… Read more »


Ahhh the memories. Several years ago I created a little blog named Porridge – it was a reflection of where I was in my life – still fairly new to motherhood (my daughter was less than two years old) and trying to figure it all out. Gentle parenting. How not to be a clone of my loud family of origin. How to give my girl an enchanted little childhood. And how to do it all with our days filled with… Read more »


This morning I did Total Body Circuit before heading into a long day at work. It is legendarily the hardest of all the T25 workouts. Everything on the floor I hated from that first push-up to the 180-degree burpees (hopping 180 degrees each side and then jumping back explosively into a burpee). Whether or not TBC will give me more energy for my workday (my wife suspects it will), I will let you know by tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s my… Read more »


Day 2 T25 Alpha: Speed 1.0 Not nearly as much fun as I remembered this workout. My coordination skills were put to the test with both the criss cross and the zig zag hops. Burpees weren’t only difficult to do but downright dirty since they took place on the rug where my toddler daughter left all her toys and crumbs and crayons detritus. Each time my sweaty chest and belly made contact with the floor, all those crumbs stuck to me like velcro picking… Read more »


I’d like to introduce my husband, whom I have called “Brody” on this blog to protect his identity. Here he’s also known as “Papa Bear.” He asked me to share some of his grumblings about life married to a Beachbody coach. ha! As you may know, fitness has become a huge part of my life again since last June when I discovered T25. Throughout my life I’ve been active and athletic (swimming, rowing, kayaking, running a marathon, practicing yoga, hip hop dance… Read more »


What does the Easter Bunny fill your children’s baskets with? A Tisket, A Tasket, Books in a Basket As a reader, I say that a book on any occasion is the perfect gift, whether as a stocking stuffer, a birthday gift or in an Easter basket. Because Goldie’s Easter basket is on smallish size for 3-year-old I typically have steered towards putting little libraries into it like the Nutshell library or a little 6-book Mother Goose one we first learned about… Read more »

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, the King of the coziest of all holidays, both sitting down to feast and reading holiday-themed books with our kids help get us all in a mood of gratitude. These stories remind us to tune in to what matters most. Pumpkin pie is the perfect closer after Thanksgiving dinner, and if books are brain food, consider these three picture books dessert. “Gobble, Gobble, Tucker!” by Leslie McGuirk In this oversized comical board book, Tucker is a little dog with a lot to… Read more »


The one thing I promised I wouldn’t do – abandon my poor blog to the void – I did most of the summer and for the better part of autumn too. Ironically, during that time, I DID write blog posts but mostly for other blogs as a guest writer, and I DID have content on Porridge but just not mine; I had friends guest blog. It was my way to continue to at least give my blog some love – by… Read more »


I’m thrilled to have my friend, neighbor and photographer Jean Spencer write today’s guest post about how to take great pictures of your kids (and don’t forget to check out her special offer now until the end of the month). We’ve all been there. It’s a beautiful day and the family is gathered together. You see these sweet little moments pass by – your son snuggled up with his grandfather reading a book, two baby cousins cooing at each other… Read more »