“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”

― Emilie Buchwald

Welcome to Porridge, a simple blog about books, motherhood, creature comforts, love and life, served up the way Goldilocks likes her porridge: just right! Getting comfortable is a huge motivator to daily existence. We need to feel comfortable in our surroundings and in our souls before we can get the work of life accomplished to the best of our abilities. For each of us, what comforts us varies. And I believe we might all benefit in discovering what makes us feel nestled, replenished and whole, so that we can function as our best selves, knowing first how to love and care for ourselves and our own hearts.

I take comfort in … every delicious blessed minute I spend with my daughter, an engrossing book I can’t put down, happy places I’ve been to, lived in and loved like a little town in Dordogne, France and Cambridge, England, the scent of hyacinth, Sweet Scoops mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt, laughing with my husband, lavender sea glass, afternoon tea with a friend, the smell of rain and a wood burning stove, the soothing feel of cold smooth pebbles, apple orchards and a good porridge. I appreciate the small pleasures in life while realizing it’s these small treasures enveloped in love that create the mosaic for a beautiful life.

We all want to get this life, mommy, love, self-actualizing stuff just right. Each day gives us new opportunities to figure it out and get better at loving ourselves and others. Here we’ll explore a broad range of topics for moms that will help us feel loved, comforted and supported: gentle parenting, the power of reading to our little ones, beautiful spaces and places, and the literary life.

I hope you’ll join me as I find happy mediums, welcoming nooks, good stories and also inspiring ways to sometimes leave our comfort zones behind in order to make that next bold move. Get your spoons and let’s dive into this porridge together.

Get cozy. Be comforted.